Roberson-McLaughlin Plumbing - Visalia

Back in the 60s, John McLaughlin's dad had a plum colored Harley-Davidson motorcycle, which he loved to ride and work on.

"Plum Loco" was emblazoned on the side of the cycle.

John had always thought the phrase was cool.

In 2004, when John joined forces in the plumbing business with Russ Roberson, they needed a slogan for their caps and tee-shirts.

John remembered the phrase "plum loco" and thought that with the addition of one letter, it would be the perfect phrase for Roberson-McLaughlin Plumbing.

Plum Loco became Plumb Loco.

Customers loved it, so the phrase stuck. 

And that was appropriate. After all, both John and Russ are, well, just a little plumb loco.

Plumb Loco

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